Cold days, chilly winds and indoor heating all play their part in wreaking havoc on your skin. When it’s hot inside but cool outside, your skin doesn’t quite know what to do. Luckily, with a bit of care, getting rid of dry skin is easily achievable. Read these dry skin care tips and you may be able to figure out how to soothe dry skin.

1. Eat healthy, and drink lots

The first remedy for dry skin? Food! Strawberries, blueberries and gooseberries – are all packed with nutrients that help the skin stay supple. Foods like these are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin A, helping skin regenerate and reduce sebum; which can also help with pimples. Fatty acids are important too; foods like salmon, walnuts and flax seed. They help reinforce cell membranes, locking in the moisture to each cell. We also need to stay hydrated for our skin to look its best, which means lots of water – 8 glasses per day is still the recommended intake.

2. Bath Time Rules

Ensure each day that the time taken for shower is short. Along with this, make sure to shower with warm water as too much hot water on the skin can dry the natural oils, thus drying the skin instantly. It would be suggestible to use soaps and face washes that are gentle as they would help reduce the risk of moisture stripping.

3. Moisturise with the right ingredients

Getting rid of dry skin means you need the right ingredients to keep your skin moisturised. To stay hydrated all over. A light moisturising day cream like  Natural Daily Rich Moisturiser 3x Action protects your skin and strengthens its protective barrier throughout the day and Improves the effects of aging with Triple Action of Apple Steam Cells, Argan Stem Cells and Hydrolysed Collagen,

4. Choose a cleanser which help hydrate skin

Some cleansers can be drying, which is not what you want when treating dry skin. Choose a cleanser that doesn’t just cleanse, but also hydrates your skin. The Natural Gentle Facial Cleanser 3x Action Clean impurities around the pores while maintaining the moisture needed

5. Use a Good Sunscreen

Since dry skin is already prone to wrinkles and aging, the sun can cause more damage. So, having a good sunscreen or sun block on can help your skin look younger. It also is very important to know the right SPF required for your skin tone and type. Seek dermatologist recommendations before using any sunscreen product,

6. Try Fish Oil Pills

To nourish the skin thoroughly, taking healthy necessary foods and supplements is important. Some oils also work best when taken internally.  Studies show fish oils such as Cod liver oil can help in soothing the dry skin, mainly owing to its omega 3 acids.

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