Tips for switching to a new skin care product

Many of us fall in love with a product, and continue to use it for as long as it works for us. But as seasons change, and our skin changes with age, it’s important to be open to new products – whether it’s changing a key component of our skin care routine (like a cleanser or a moisturizer), or adding an anti-aging serum. But it’s important to introduce new products the right way to avoid any potential problems.

  1. Choose the right product for you

First, you should know your skin type, as well as any special considerations. Research the ingredients in the new product to make sure it suits your skin type and your climate, and avoids ingredients that can be irritating. Be sure the product is designed to perform the way you need it to.

2. Find out what others have to say about the product

Beauty bloggers can be your best friend when you want to find out more about a skin care product. Read multiple reviews, paying particular attention to bloggers whose skin care concerns mirror your own. Find out what they really think of the product, and what results you might expect. And don’t be afraid to email or comment on their review if you want more information. Reviewers are usually happy to report on how much they love a product – and even when a product disappoints them.

3. One at a time, please

Sometimes a new skin care line launches, and it’s very exciting. It seems to have everything you ever wanted or needed in a skin care regimen, and you may be tempted to swap everything in your existing routine for the new products.

But the best way to try new products is one at a time. Maybe swap out your current cleanser for the new one first. Patch test it first; if there is no reaction then try it for at least two weeks to make sure it’s not irritating, and that it’s working for you the way you expected. Give your skin ample time to make sure the new product agrees with you before adding another new product. Once three or four weeks have passed, then you can try another new product. You want to make sure that if you do experience any irritation or breakouts, that you can find the culprit and stop using it.

4. Give new products time to work

No matter how quickly a product claims to have a positive effect on your skin, you shouldn’t expect immediate results. Allow at least four to six weeks with a new product to determine if the results are what you expected.

Be wary of what products you are using together
While it’s true that products within a skin care line should work well together, you still need to pay attention to what kinds of products you are using together. For example, if you’ve recently switched to a cleanser with glycolic acid, you probably won’t want to use a retinol with it right away. Follow directions on product packaging, do your research, and never hesitate to contact a dermatologist (or the skin care company itself) of you have questions about which products are safe to use together.

5. Get to know your skin

Pay attention to your skin. Keep track of ingredients or formulations that either cause an unwanted reaction, have an unpleasant feel or smell, or simply don’t work. Your skin care should make you comfortable, and should make your skin look and feel healthy. Never hesitate to stop using a product that doesn’t perform as it should.

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