Why is it worth double cleansing???

Just like it sounds, double cleansing involves washing your face twice before moving onto your toner, essence, serum or moisturiser step. But instead of simply using your go-to cleanser twice (wash, rinse and repeat) to get that deep clean, your first step involves using a cleansing oil, and following it up by washing with your regular gel, foam or cream cleanser. The extra step of using a cleansing oil is the secret to ensuring your skin is as clean as it can be after your regular cleanse.

What happens is if you have makeup on, and you have a very environmentally stressful day, and if you wash your face with a foam cleanser once – foam cleansers are typically water-based and don’t have a lot of actives in it – and you rinse, you have a huge layer of pollution and makeup on your skin still .

With double cleansing, the oil goes onto dry skin and takes all of the makeup off your skin. It attracts the makeup so it lifts it away from your skin, so what you’re doing is you’re cleansing your face of all the impurities of the day.

Once you’ve removed your makeup and stubborn dirt and grime, your skin is ready to get a serious deep cleanse from your face wash, and then absorb the full benefits of the ingredients in your skin care products. Sometimes it feels like enough of an achievement to get in your face cleansing session morning and night, but if you really want to achieve that goal of flawless radiant skin, you might want to consider trying double cleansing.

Natural Gentle Facial Cleanser 3x Action
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